How to Customize Input Mappings for the Java Integration Component in IBM BPM

BPM 7.5.1 introspects class files to learn about the input mappings that need to be configured, and displays parameter names as Parameter 1, for example, unless you provide bean-info classes.


public final class Sample {

  public static int sum(final int a, final int b) {
    return a + b;



import java.beans.MethodDescriptor;
import java.beans.ParameterDescriptor;
import java.beans.SimpleBeanInfo;

public final class SampleBeanInfo extends SimpleBeanInfo {

  public MethodDescriptor[] getMethodDescriptors() {
    MethodDescriptor[] methods = null;

    try {
      methods = new MethodDescriptor[1];

      final ParameterDescriptor[] params = new ParameterDescriptor[2];

      params[0] = new ParameterDescriptor();


      params[1] = new ParameterDescriptor();


      methods[0] = new MethodDescriptor(Sample.class.getMethod("sum", new Class[] { int.class, int.class }), params);
    } catch (final Exception e) {

    return methods;


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