How to Create a Document Version in IBM FileNet Content Engine


import com.filenet.api.constants.AutoClassify;
import com.filenet.api.constants.CheckinType;
import com.filenet.api.constants.RefreshMode;
import com.filenet.api.constants.ReservationType;
import com.filenet.api.core.Connection;
import com.filenet.api.core.Document;
import com.filenet.api.core.Domain;
import com.filenet.api.core.Factory;
import com.filenet.api.core.ObjectStore;
import com.filenet.api.util.Id;
import com.filenet.api.util.UserContext;

public final class FileNetSample {

  public static void main(final String[] args) throws Exception {
    final Connection conn = Factory.Connection.getConnection("http://localhost:9080/wsi/FNCEWS40MTOM"); // for the SOAP transport

    final UserContext uc = UserContext.get();

    final Subject subject = UserContext.createSubject(conn, "user", "password", null);


    final Domain domain = Factory.Domain.getInstance(conn, null);

    final ObjectStore os = Factory.ObjectStore.getInstance(domain, "Sample");

    final Document doc = Factory.Document.fetchInstance(os, new Id(...), null);

    doc.checkout(ReservationType.EXCLUSIVE, null, null, null);;

    final Document res = (Document) doc.get_Reservation();

    res.checkin(AutoClassify.DO_NOT_AUTO_CLASSIFY, CheckinType.MAJOR_VERSION);;



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