How to List Records in IBM Enterprise Records

import java.util.Iterator;

import com.filenet.rm.api.RMObjectStore;
import com.filenet.rm.api.util.RMUtil;
import com.filenet.wcm.api.BaseObject;
import com.filenet.wcm.api.BaseObjects;
import com.filenet.wcm.api.Document;
import com.filenet.wcm.api.ObjectFactory;
import com.filenet.wcm.api.ObjectStore;
import com.filenet.wcm.api.Session;

public final class ErSample {

  public static void main(final String[] args) {
    final Session sess = ObjectFactory.getSession("Sample", null, "user", "password");

    final ObjectStore os = ObjectFactory.getObjectStore("Sample", sess);

    final RMObjectStore rmos = RMUtil._getRMObjectStore(os);

    final BaseObjects coll = RMUtil._getQueriedObjects(rmos, "SELECT * FROM Record", BaseObject.TYPE_DOCUMENT, 10);
    final Iterator<?> it = coll.iterator();

    while (it.hasNext()) {
      final Document doc = (Document);




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