How to Send a Message to an Apache ActiveMQ Topic with Open Dylan


module: activemq-sample

define function main (name :: <string>, arguments :: <vector>)

  let sock = make(<TCP-socket>, host: "localhost", port: 61613);

  write(sock, "CONNECT\n\n\0");

  write(sock, "SEND\ndestination:/topic/SampleTopic\n\nSimples Assim\0");

  write(sock, "DISCONNECT\n\n\0");

end function;

main(application-name(), application-arguments());


library: activemq-sample
files: library


module: dylan-user

define library activemq-sample
  use common-dylan;

  use io;

  use network;

  export activemq-sample;
end library;

define module activemq-sample
  use common-dylan;

  use streams;

  use sockets;
end module;

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