How to Send a Message to the Oracle Messaging Cloud Service with Python

import requests

res = requests.put('https://host/service/api/v1/connections/SampleConnection', auth=('username', 'password'), headers={'X-OC-ID-TOKEN-STATUS':'disabled'})

cookies = dict(res.cookies)

requests.put('https://host/service/api/v1/sessions/SampleSession', auth=('username', 'password'), cookies=cookies, params={'connection':'SampleConnection'})

requests.put('https://host/service/api/v1/producers/SampleProducer', auth=('username', 'password'), cookies=cookies, params={'destination':'/queues/SampleQueue', 'session':'SampleSession'})'https://host/service/api/v1/producers/SampleProducer/messages', auth=('username', 'password'), cookies=cookies, data='Simples Assim')

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