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Amazon Appstore readies for international distribution

Android developers logging into the Amazon Developer Portal will find that they can submit apps and games for release in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Good to see them thriving.

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Andy Rubin: 850k Android activations a day, 300m total devices, 12m tablets

Google is now activating 850 thousand Android devices a day, bringing the platform to some 300 million total devices — including 12 million tablets.

It was 700.000 last December.

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Do we need another mobile OS? Mozilla thinks so

It’s essentially a complete phone system run on web technologies that gives the on-board software access to core APIs through an embedded version of Firefox.

To a minimum, will ignite some interesting discussions regarding native vs. web apps.

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Samsung and SAP to team up at MWC to show how Android can help the business sector

With BlackBerry seen as vulnerable before shifting to a brand new OS, now would be the best time for Android manufacturers to launch an attack on the corporate world.

Makes sense.

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Android developers can start writing Google TV apps

There’s no word on when the SDK plug-in will be released in final form or when Google TV products will be endowed with Honeycomb, the tablet-specific version 3 of Android.

… but this is a step forward nevertheless.