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Issue with BlackBerry 6

The LED state is not application-specific.



Do we need another mobile OS? Mozilla thinks so

It’s essentially a complete phone system run on web technologies that gives the on-board software access to core APIs through an embedded version of Firefox.

To a minimum, will ignite some interesting discussions regarding native vs. web apps.


The Worst C.E.O.’s of 2011

Arrogant chief executives, like the pair at the top of Research in Motion, Mike Lazaridis and Jim Balsillie, and of course Jon S. Corzine, late of MF Global. Complacent chiefs, like William C. Weldon at the bellwether Johnson & Johnson. And what of Reed Hastings, the much-maligned boss at Netflix? Chalk that up to his bumbling response to the forces of creative destruction at work.

Like others in the comments, I missed Leo Apotheker, one more ex-CEO of HP to fall in shame.


Aplicativos para celular e tablet animam mercado bilionário

“Conhecimentos parcos em programação levam à criação de aplicativos feitos com códigos confusos e improvisados”, diz Ana Luisa [da mob376]. “Isso impede o desenvolvimento de atrações de nível superior, aquelas que de fato se tornam sucesso no gênero.”